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坱iated himself with captains and the agent▓s of ships sailing from Marseilles, until h●e had become one of several absolu▓te monarchs in that port over slow-witted,

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● spendthrift Jack Tar.Was business goi●ng badly Then Joe was down aboard some ship ●talking

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his way with his oily tongue into▓ a seat at the captain’s table.Were sailors i▓n demand Then

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he was picking them up everywh▓ere, giving them a meal or two, and sh●ipping them off with no

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thing bu●t a bag of ragged “gear” t▓o show for the month or six weeks〃埊 advance on their w

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ages, which he hastened● back to throw on the gambling table or to spe●nd in the nasty vices o

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f a great seaport.T▓o be sure, some of this money woul●d have gone the same way if the sailor

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h●ad received it.But one could more easily h●ave tolerated its squandering by th●e man who ha


d undergone the sufferings and pri▓vations of a long voyage to earn it, an●d at least we “bea


chcombers” should have▓ been spared the sight of Portuguese Joe and ▓his cronies, strutting b

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